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Alaya Gernon

Alaya Gernon has been a devotee of Adi Da since 2009. She lives in England, is an Interfaith Minister, heals people using vibrational energies, and provides spiritual coaching.

The setting of Alaya's story is a retreat in July, 2016 at The Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary in Northern California, which included a weekend workshop on Adi Da's masterpiece, Not-Two Is Peace.

Alaya Gernon

Prior to my retreat (and throughout it as well), a deep process arose, demonstrating to me that Bhagavan Adi Da Samraj Is everywhere, Is everything, and He orchestrates it All. His Blessing Regard and Divine Yoga can be felt with every breath. I'll now try to share with you through this story that deep process of Divine Revelation and psychophysical synchronicity.

* * *

As I began my travels to The Mountain Of Attention, I happened to read the transcript of one of Beloved Adi Da's discourses about how the world was mad.

Here I was, on my way to a retreat that would focus on Adi Da's book, Not-Two Is Peace. But I could not imagine how the world could ever respond to such Divine Teaching. In that moment, real Radical change in the world seemed impossible to me.

My journey from Vancouver to San Francisco reflected the chaos and madness of which Adi Da spoke.

The taxi did not arrive, making catching the plane difficult.

Then, after making it to the airport, customs advised me that my bag was too heavy.

After a few minutes they reversed this statement!

Then I was randomly tested for cocaine, creating another delay.

Then it transpired there was a problem with my ticket, resulting in the only seat available being the one at the extreme back: the emergency seat!

As these chaotic events unfolded, I intuited what feeling them from the Witness-Position was like, through Beloved Adi Da's Grace. It was obvious that others suffering similar "bumpy" treatment were irate and stressed. In that moment, I had a deep recognition of how lucky devotees are to have found our Heart-Master — we are forever lifted beyond apparent complications, if we only turn the faculties of the body-mind to Him.

And so I invoked Beloved Adi Da continuously during my travels.

While leaving customs, I felt the undeniable yoga of His Current. I was moved to look upwards. . . There above me were four cabinets filled with Mickey Mouse! And the first ones I happened to see were waving and laughing.

Adi Da Samraj

I burst out laughing! I had the realisation that Beloved was reflecting Real Happiness, no matter what was arising. As He does again and again, He was showing me that He is everywhere and everything. The very Mystery of existence. What a Gift! What humour!

* * *

It was now the day before the retreat. I was still travelling. While stopping in a town for refreshments, chaos reigned again!

Thirty-five police cars drove past rapidly. One could feel tension in the air.

The town siren went off and people were confused as to what the danger was.

Gunshots were heard very nearby, and people fell to the pavements in fear.

Police cars drove madly through the town.

I decided to leave, and drove off quickly.

That was a fortunate decision. It turned out that the police were searching for a robber! The town was locked down for the next five hours until the robber was found.

This incident forced me to consider the violence, fear, and anger in the world. The world news that day featured disasters, murders, and crazy politics (based on differences and separation rather than "not-two").

The feeling of impotence, of the impossibility of making any real change, was magnified in me.

* * *

It was now the day of the retreat, and I was headed for The Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary. While stopping for refreshments, the thought came again: how will the world ever respond, given the level of madness and chaos I was witnessing? I again had an overwhelming feeling of impotence. What could we do personally? What could we do as a community to ever really transform this madness into something benign?

As I pondered this, I felt Adi Da's immense yogic Current again. I looked up. A huge shop sign shouted at me:

Adi Da Samraj

The only thing visible on it was the word, MASTER.

I burst out laughing!

Of course the address to my dilemma was so obvious when Beloved Adi Da showed such clear signs. We are not the ones who can transform this mess. Only His Divine Pattern can shift things in this domain, combined with the power of our convocation, conformed to Him.

It is egoic and limiting to think we are doing anything. He Is the Master. He is our Master, and we must conform ourselves to Him.

I even became aware of my tendency to feel I have to explain His Word. Yet on reading His book, Not-Two Is Peace, again, it was so evident to me that He already has said it All, with crystal clarity.

I then wondered what the shop signage said beyond the word, MASTER. There was a second word, that I hadn't made out clearly.

Adi Da Samraj

To my amazement, the second word turned out to be PEACE.

Beloved Adi Da is the Master of Peace!

With that Revelation, all concern left me. Adi Da's Siddhi surged through me, and all fear vanished. We must allow Him to do His Work.

Three minutes later, I wanted to look at the word, MASTER, again — but now it was being obscured by a green van:

Adi Da Samraj

And all that was visible on the van was the word, BRIGHT!

Adi Da is the Master of Peace, The Divine Incarnation, and His Work starts and ends with Prior Unity — The "Bright"!

I laughed, and felt a transformation, a shedding of an egoic stance that "I" was anything, that "I" was the doer.

Let us all wake up to His Magnificence! His signs can be seen everywhere, because He Is appearing in every moment — if we only have the eyes to see.

* * *

As i drove to Adi Da's Empowered Sanctuary, The Mountain Of Attention, I could feel the word, "Master" grating energetically within my psyche.

Adi Da Samraj

I realized that, up to that point in my relationship with Him, I had never referred to Him as my Master. It was obvious that this was a knot in me, and a lack of surrender, and this too was being reflected to me through all these synchronicities.

I prayed that Adi Da's Grace release this knot in me that was keeping me from Him, allowing me to fall deeply into Him and receive His Grace.

And through His remarkable, Divine Grace, the knot was shattered, and the heart-connection to Him was now so tangible.

How could we ever doubt His Magnificence?

It is His play, His dance.

Radical change can only happen from the Source position, the Divine Pattern.

Through Adi Da's Divine play with me, I now was able to participate in the Not-Two Is Peace retreat from a sense of Prior Unity, given as a Gift from my Master.

* * *

Adi Da continued to show the signs of His Presence throughout the retreat.

It was magnificent that my room number was 3, which felt auspicious to me.

I was on retreat with a devotee I had worked with in The "Bright" House. She was a total gift! Throughout the retreat, I was ecstatic, unaware of the time, and she was very grounded, and kept track of the schedule for me.

On arrival at The Mountain Of Attention, I offered a gift and acknowledged in my heart my contraction around the Not-Two Is Peace course. I only had wanted a meditation retreat, but Beloved Adi Da had other plans for me!

I also felt my fear of speaking out in groups. Despite having held leadership roles all my life and having done public speaking, I did not feel comfortable doing it, and my preference was to say nothing.

My retreat began with five days of "meditation retreat". I fell so deeply into Beloved Adi Da, that much of my egoic complication melted away. Adi Da's Siddhi Current in the meditation hall poured right down through the crown of my head and I lost all sense of self and time. This happens for me quite often in meditation, but it was especially intense during my time at The Mountain Of Attention.

On the third night of retreat, I had a nightmare. It was a most disturbing dream. I had been abused sexually as a child by my father. I no longer felt limited or bound by it consciously. But in the nightmare, my father (who had been dead for seventeen years) had purchased a new house and was aggressively trying to get me and my sister to move back in. He had "bought the furniture" for the house, he said. In the dream, I felt trapped — an uncomfortable feeling I used to feel as a child.

Beloved Adi Da stood next to me. He encouraged me to speak out. I told my father that this was no longer happening. It was over, and I would never go back.

At that, my father became more aggressive, and would not let me go. Beloved Adi Da had disappeared but I still spoke out. I agreed to stay and make some soup for the family, but told them I would then leave and take my sister with me. I made the soup. My father took off his shirt and poured body sweat into my soup bowl and tried to force me to drink it. It was revolting, and I woke up and looked at Adi Da's Murti in my room and said to Adi Da, "Beloved, that was awful!"

The room was filled with Adi Da. I fell back to sleep, and the dream continued.

Beloved Adi Da was with me again. I said to my father, "No, it is over."

That morning at 5am, as we walked to meditation, I told the other devotee on retreat about my dream. She said, "You have forgiven your father, and released the shock, but you never felt the revulsion at what was happening before now."

I felt this immediately. What a perfect place to be!

I walked into the meditation hall, prostrated and offered a flower and surrendered my feeling of revulsion. In an instant, Adi Da's thunderous Current poured into me, into the right side of my heart. The centre was painful, but the Current was unstoppable, and I was rocking in bliss. I felt relieved at the deepest level. What was more remarkable is my sister (who is not a devotee) received a simultaneous Blessing which she felt and told me about later.

Commune with Me in

Turn to Me whole bodily—
Beyond all "experience" and
every thought.

Let Me "Live" you.
Dissolve in My Divine
Transcendental Spiritual
Current of Love-Bliss.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
from "Let Me Live You"
in Part Eight, The Aletheon

* * *

The next day, we were asked to do service. I felt totally blessed to work the whole time in Sacred Service. It is this which makes me sing! On the last day I was asked to make a mala for the forthcoming celebration. It was meant to be 16 inches. . . but I was so ecstatic that I had to be interrupted when it reached 48 inches!

The priest told me the next day that my mala was going to be used in the most sacred place on the Sanctuary, the Sukra Kendra. This was such an incredible blessing and Gift back to me and brought me to tears.

The Sukra Kendra at The Mountain Of Attention

* * *

The weekend was the Not-Two Is Peace workshop. The course was a deep consideration. Yet my overwhelming feeling from before the retreat — the feeling that Adi Da has Given everything, and that His Word is explicit and ecstatic — remained with me throughout the workshop. We should not revise Adi Da's Word with our compulsion to explain. Instead, we should speak from the heart, and He will guide us and show us the signs we need to see.

In this disposition, the retreat was ecstatic. As anything arose — contraction, uncomfortableness, whatever — my impulse was to surrender it all, and through this devotion, Adi Da's Grace was undeniable.

I gave to Beloved Adi Da my fear of speaking out in a group, and again His Siddhi poured through. Again I lost all sense of self very quickly. At the end of the course, I spoke out and also presented my group's thoughts. Whatever my fear had been about, it had vanished.

* * *

After the Not-Two Is Peace workshop had completed, my meditation retreat continued. That night, I had an extraordinary dream.

Beloved Adi Da’s dog was in a different dimension, but even so, was communicating with my two cats. I was with them all. In the dream, I was alarmed to see that the dog had no brain or top of the head — it had been taken out! But he was very happy, and communicating with one of my cats in particular.

The dog moved to one side, and my cat pushed his own head through to the dimension the dog was in.

In the dreamtime, Beloved Adi Da stood next to me.

I said to Him, "The dog is mindless, given over, not troubled by the mind."

As soon as I saw that this was the case, the dog suddenly had a top on his head!

On waking, I was worried the dream might mean that something had happened to my cats. While walking over to meditation with my devotee friend, Jacqui, I told her about my dream. She looked shocked and said, "You are tuned in!" She told me that, that morning, Ruchiradama Nadikanta had informed devotees that Beloved Adi Da's dog had peacefully transitioned.

* * *

The retreat (including the weekend Not-Two Is Peace workshop) has been Adi Da's Leela throughout. At its completion, my heart feels awakened and enlivened and surrendered to Him. I feel a boundless love so great with each breath I turn to Him.

He Is the Lord Ruchira Da, my Master and Guru! And now this is so easy for me to proclaim from the heart.


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