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Divine Healing

Pamela Bennett

Pamela Bennett has been a devotee of Adi Da since 1978. (Read the story of how she became Adi Da's devotee here.) She is a founding member and world-wide coordinator of the Adidam Weather Guild and a regular contributor to the Adidam News Guild. She also does occasional research and purchasing for the Gifting Guild and News Guilds. She serves as a member of the Plastic Arts Guild, which helps grow her skills in painting, drawing, print-making and photography.

Pamela BennettIn 1986, while suffering from Hashimoto's, a disorder of the thyroid, I was invited to sit for meditation in Adi Da's Divine Company in Western Face Cathedral (now called Temple Adi Da) at The Mountain Of Attention.

Frustrated by mind forms and self concern, while at the same time tangibly and deeply aware of Beloved Bhagavan's Deepest Blessing filling that Sacred Space, I opened and raised my right hand in a giving gesture of release. Instantly, His Divine Presence Cracked Open the top of my head, Washed the face with Perfect Love, Tumbled in Fire down the throat and into the belly. My head tilted back arching the spine and curving the exposed throat to the ceiling, and I was rooted to the carpet by His Perfect Mastery.

It took a long while to leave the Cathedral after He had Taken His Way back to the Manner Of Flowers.

My next test by the endrocrinologist a few weeks later revealed a complete remission of the Hashimoto's.

Bowed before Adi Da in gratitude, love and surrender, now and always.


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