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"What Is That Photograph?"

Alaya Gernon

Alaya Gernon has been a devotee of Adi Da since 2009. She lives in England, is an Interfaith Minister, heals people using vibrational energies, and provides spiritual coaching.
The Bright Master of Peace

This week (in June, 2015), I had a client, Jim, come to my treatment room at home.

As he walked through the kitchen, Jim saw a small photograph of Beloved Adi Da with a candle, flowers and incense. As we talked over a cuppa, I noticed that his attention kept going towards this photo.

Because I tend not to speak about Bhagavan Adi Da Samraj unless someone invites the conversation, I didn't say anything.

But Jim suddenly spoke up: "What is that photograph? The man is blinking and breathing!"

Adi Da Samraj
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I said, "That is Adi Da Samraj, my spiritual Teacher and Guru. 'Guru' meaning 'dispeller of darkness', not the usual western associations with that word. Can you feel Him?"

Jim did not reply. . . he just nodded.

On leaving the house, Jim asked where he could find more information, so I gave him a copy of The Knee Of Listening (Adi Da's autobiography), and the Web addresses for the Consciousness website, and the official Adidam website.

* * *

Beloved Adi Da demonstrates to me time and time and again that, to make Him known to others, there is nothing for me to do, but simply be present in Him. His Grace is inherently in everything, everywhere, everyone. . . people are always already approaching Him. Adi Da is omnipresent — He already "coincides" with everyone. Because of Who He is, there is no difference or separation between Him and anyone.

This is how people come to Me to become My devotees, or (otherwise) come to Me for Blessing. They become associated with one or another aspect of My world-Work. It is Prior Meditation. In other words, I Priorly Coincide with everyone and everything, and then Signs emerge. This is how I Work. This is My Divine Avataric Nature Showing Itself in the larger world-picture . . . And this is, in fact, how people end up coming to Me.

The devotional relationship to Me does not begin simply when people formally enter into the gathering of My devotees. My Work begins before people even come into My Divine Avataric Company. Some recognize and know that, and there are rather dramatic signs of it. In other cases, individuals are simply drawn to Me and have nothing in mind to say why, other than they heard about Me and were moved.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, February 2008
"Tell Everyone My Leela Everywhere"
Adi Da Samrajashram Magazine, Vol. 1, #1


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