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That Photograph Again

Alaya Gernon

Alaya Gernon has been a devotee of Adi Da since 2009. She lives in England, is an Interfaith Minister, heals people using vibrational energies, and provides spiritual coaching.
The Bright Master of Peace

In my kitchen is a Murti photograph of Adi Da Samraj. I use this Murti to invoke Adi Da each day and to offer Him flowers. This Murti is from the frame shop at The Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary. It literally spoke to me while I was on retreat at the Sanctuary. Adi Da is so alive as the living Real God, in all His forms and instruments!

Adi Da Samraj
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I've already written a story ("What Is This Photograph?") about the experience one of my treatment clients had with this Murti photograph. Here is another story!

* * *

I have a friend whose granddaughter loves to visit me. The little girl's name is Mia. She worries a lot, and gets anxious about all sorts of things.

Last week, she visited me. She was in the kitchen, and came running out into the garden (where I was) and asked (referring to the Murti photograph), "Why did that man wink at me? And make me feel happy?"

I explained to her, "That man is Adi Da Samraj. He came here to show us all the way to be happy, to let us know we don't need to worry about anything anymore."

Mia nodded.

She went into the kitchen again to see Him, and came back out slightly disappointed that He had not winked at her again.

I said to her, "Once was enough for you to notice that what He has revealed to you was beyond magical. He was showing you how you really are!"

As Mia asked more questions, it felt like a sacred moment, so I took her to my communion hall.

On entering, Mia shuddered, and just stared.

After we left the hall, I asked Mia what she saw and felt.

Mia said, "It was so Bright! And He was breathing in there, and smiling."

I explained to her how, every day, I go in the hall and place Him first in my heart — and then I feel happy.

I had a huge impulse to gift her with a copy of Adi Da's book for children, What, Where, When, How, Why, and Who To Remember To Be Happy. And so I did. Here is a picture of Mia (with her mother) reading it:

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Mia just sent me a text message telling me she loves every page and understands it!

Moreover, since the time Adi Da winked at her, her mother has said Mia is no longer anxious about things.

Adi Da demonstrated to me — again — how I just need to get out of the way. . . because it is His Play, His Work with all beings — and all of it has already been accomplished by Him.

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