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I Saw Him Sitting There, In Person

Sara Morin

Sara Morin has been a devotee of Adi Da since 1992. She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. She worked for Indian Affairs as an Administrative Assistant in Intergovernmental Affairs, which involved policy between First Nations of BC, the Provincial and Federal Governments. She is bi-lingual French and English and enjoys painting. Sara Morin

In February, 2016, I was on vacation on the "Big Island" of Hawaii. I was swimming at beautiful Ahalanui Hot Pond, which is a large natural pool, made and heated with lava rock. I was feeling Beloved Adi Da very strongly feeling Him, breathing Him ecstatic in this gorgeous natural setting.

Ahalanui Hot Pond
Ahalanui Hot Pond
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I noticed a young woman praying or meditating by the side of the pool. She was very, very thin and obviously suffering.

And then, sitting near her about seven feet away I saw Beloved Adi Da.

He was sitting on the edge of the pool, just like He was granting Darshan. He was barechested, with His legs in the water, in a contemplative state. He looked as He did around 2004 or so. His hair looked like it was tied back. His head was large, full and round, His eyes half closed.

He was unmistakable, and I could feel His Great Presence.

Needless to say I was shocked to see Adi Da sitting there in person, just like seeing you or anyone in the flesh. This was eight years after He left His body — eight years after His Divine Mahasamadhi!

I was awestruck. I became even more ecstatic, swimming in circles and laughing. He looked directly at me, about ten feet away. He had a glint in His eye, and was smiling slightly, like it was a secret. There was a silent communication that I should speak to the girl near Him. Then He moved into the water and seemed to dive under. I saw His curved back as He went down, like the back of a whale as it dives.

I went over to the young lady. She told me she had Lyme disease. We talked for about ten minutes about health. I just tried to bring her some light and some knowledge I had about Lyme disease, as I have a friend who has it. Later, I prayed for her. Hopefully she will be okay, having received the Divine Regard of Beloved Adi Da.

The Guru never forsakes His devotees — He is Eternally Present, always Blessing All and all.

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