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The True Source of Security

Terry Cafferty

Terry CaffertyTerry Cafferty has been a devotee of Adi Da Samraj since the early 1980's. He is an aerospace engineering consultant specializing in orbiting imaging systems, and has worked for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Hughes Aircraft, and Raytheon. Terry has many stories of his personal interaction with Avatar Adi Da and His otherwise invisible influence in his personal and business life. These are two of them. In addition to being one of Beloved Adi Da Samraj's patrons, Terry also generously supports the Adidam Fear-No-More Zoo, and is on its Board of Directors. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Adidam Global Ashram.

In the following two stories, Terry's brushes with death (and the extraordinary Grace that saved him both times) would reveal to him the True Source of Humor, Security and Eternal Life.


In the winter of 2001-2002, I was driving from my home in northern California to southern California to visit clients of my small engineering consulting business. I had been on the road for about a half hour when it began to rain, the first rain of the year. Going through the mountains, I cautiously pulled out into a passing lane to go by several slow-moving cars on front of me. We were going around a bend in the road to the right. As I passed the first car, the driver of that car decided to pass also and, without looking to his left, pulled out also into the passing lane. The side of his car collided with mine and broke loose the traction of all four of my tires on the rainy road, thus pushing me into the lane of oncoming traffic. I looked up to see a huge truck bearing down on me, perhaps 30 yards away and closing fast. There was nowhere to go; it looked like I would head-on a semi tractor at about 50 miles an hour, plus whatever speed he was traveling.

I have absolutely no recollection of what happened next, but the next thing I do remember is being back in the passing lane. The car that had hit me had braked, and was now behind me. I signaled and pulled over to the side of the road and stopped. So did the driver of the car who hit me. We both got out, and as I walked around the back of my car, I yelled at him that he should look before he pulls out to pass. He apologized. I looked at the right side of my car and was absolutely amazed that there was not a scratch; nothing to indicate what had just happened. There were no marks on the other car, either.


I got back in my car to continue the journey, pretty shaken by what had just happened, knowing I had come very close to being killed, and not knowing exactly how it had happened that I was now completely safe. About a minute later, my cellular phone buzzed. I answered it to find my intimate partner calling to tell me that she had just received a call from Naitauba, Adi Da's primary Sapta Na Sannyasin Hermitage in Fiji. Adi Da was asking about me.


I now realized what had happened; I had been saved from death by Adi Da's Graceful Intervention. I told my intimate partner what had happened, and she relayed to Adi Da that I was fine and would write to Him that evening when I got to Santa Barbara. That night I wrote to Adi Da and thanked Him for saving my life. When the letter was read to Him, He simply said "Tcha", His characteristic sound of acknowledgement and Blessing.


By late 2002, I was completely worn out from business travel by car and commercial airline between northern and southern California. As a young man I had come close to obtaining a private pilot license. Now I decided I would get a license and buy a small airplane, which would cut my travel time and stress a great deal.


Adi Da's first human teacher, Rudi (Swami Rudrananada) had been killed in a small airplane, and I knew that Adi Da as a result does not like small airplanes because they can be very unsafe. So I wrote to Adi Da, telling Him of my plans and asking for (and receiving) His Blessing to use the airplane for business purposes only. I started flying back and forth in the spring of 2003.


On one trip from Santa Barbara to Lakeport, a quick change in weather while I was en route created a very dangerous condition for small planes like mine. When I called the FAA flight service station over San Francisco Bay, I asked for a weather update on the ground at my destination and was told that the wind was blowing at 20 knots from rapidly changing directions and was gusting to 35 knots. Such winds create complete havoc on a small, light airplane like the one I was flying, and I knew that to land in such wind would mean that I would be lucky to land without crashing.

I asked for weather at nearby airports, and was told that the gusty and variable winds had sprung up everywhere without warning. I became deeply afraid. I'm a good pilot, but those were nasty conditions.

As I approached Lakeport, I invoked Adi Da in my feeling heart, calling on His Divine Blessing Grace to protect me, and offering the Devotional Prayer of Changes that the winds on the ground at Lakeport would be calm when I arrived there. As I descended from 8500 feet down to about 4500 feet, there was fairly severe turbulence that bounced the airplane around like a cork in rough seas. I was afraid, but continued to invoke Adi Da's Help.


I continued to descend to 2400 feet and entered the landing traffic pattern. As I set up the final approach to the runway, I noticed that the turbulence was completely gone. I further noticed that I did not have to correct for wind to stay aligned to the runway.


I landed completely without incident, and as I taxied past the wind sock, noticed that it was hanging absolutely limp, indicating that there was no wind whatsoever. I taxied to the gas pump and filled the tank. Still no wind. None. Zero. Not a breath. I taxied over to my parking space, tied down, locked and covered the plane.


Then suddenly, as I carried my luggage to my truck, the wind picked up instantaneously, just as if the switch to an enormous fan had been turned on. As I drove home, my truck was buffeted around by very strong and variable winds, the kind that would probably have caused me to crash had I been forced to land in them.


That night I again wrote to Adi Da to thank Him for protecting me.

* * *

Through these and many other lessons, I have come to know that all the forms of security that I previously had been relying upon money and material well-being are a poor man's form of security, and a form of security that is temporary in any case, because death intervenes even for the most wealthy and powerful. The only True Security is the Infinite Grace of the Living Divine Being.

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