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For Visiting Professionals: Adi Da as Spiritual Master

When we use the phrase, "visiting professionals", we have in mind readers from the art world, the literary world, the world of theater, the political and social circles dedicated to advancing world peace, etc. . . . in short, any of the areas in which Adi Da has made artistic contributions, or in which He has communicated wisdom that can have a beneficial impact for others working in that area. In addition to His many contributions to the world of art, literature, and society altogether, Adi Da is also the founder of the Spiritual Way of Adidam. For those perhaps more familiar with Adi Da's work in a different capacity, this introduction serves as an orientation to Adi Da's function as Spiritual Master, which is the focus of most of this site.

For Spiritual Seekers: Adi Da as Incarnation of the Divine

Adi Da Samraj
Adi Da Samraj, 1999

All the great Spiritual Masters have been not only teachers, but Transmission Masters: they literally transmit their Spiritual Realization to their devotees, communicating a state that is happier than the usual worldly destiny. The greatest of all Spiritual Masters are the Divine Incarnations, those rare occasions when the Divine appears in human form, providing a tangible means (directly accessible to all) for Transmitting the greatest Realization — the Divine State of Perfect and Eternal Happiness — which coincides with awakening from the "dream" of conditional existence. In this article, we make the case that Avatar Adi Da Samraj is just such a rare Divine Incarnation, here to remind all of their greatest possible destiny, and to awaken all beings to that Divine State of Perfect Happiness. Practitioners of the Way of Adidam recognize Adi Da as Divine Incarnation (not on the basis of belief but of Spiritual Revelation), and on that basis, happily cooperate with His process for awakening them.

A Brief Biography of Adi Da

A Brief Biography of Adi DaFrom His birth on November 3, 1939 in Long Island, New York, to His passing from the body on November 27, 2008 in Naitauba, Fiji, Adi Da's life is the story of the Intervention of the Divine Person and State in human time, for the sake of the liberation of all beings. Throughout His life, Adi Da worked first to find the Way by which it would be possible for everyone to realize the supremely blissful state of Divine “Brightness” that He had known since birth; and then to establish that Way ("the Way of Adidam") in perpetuity — by leaving humankind with forms of Agency through which His blessing Presence would forever be felt and magnified, and through which an eternally living relationship with Him would always be possible. Here is a brief summary of Adi Da's extraordinary life and work.


The Uniqueness of Adi Da's Transcendental Spiritual Offering

Adi Da Samraj"The Great Tradition" is Adi Da's term for the total inheritance of human, cultural, religious, magical, mystical, Spiritual, and Transcendental paths, philosophies, and testimonies from all the eras and cultures of humanity. Some of those traditions are what Adi Da would call "Spiritual". Other traditions Adi Da would call "Transcendental". Adi Da refers to His Realization and Offering to all as "Transcendental Spiritual", to indicate the uniqueness of His Offering, in contrast with all earlier esoteric practices and Realizations in the Great Tradition. This article elaborates.

Adi Da's "Seven Stages Of Life" Framework

Adi Da SamrajWhat is the total process of human growth? What is the fullest extent of our potential? Adi Da offers a unique, comprehensive framework of seven stages of life, which represents His Wisdom on the entire spectrum of human possibility. He has systematically described not only our physical, emotional, and mental development, but also all the phases of Spiritual, Transcendental, and Divine unfolding that are potential for us, once we mature in ordinary, human terms.

On Skeptics and Critics of a Most Extraordinary Communication

It almost goes without saying that, in the world of the twenty-first century, when the extraordinary suggestion is made that a real human being of our time and place (not some mythical "long ago and far away") could be an Incarnation of the Divine, it provokes incredible skepticism and reactivity. We well understand that, in our time, "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence", as Carl Sagan has put it. We don't blame anyone for harboring doubt, or raising questions about how such a thing could be. It is extraordinary! But to those of us with firsthand experience, it is no longer unbelievable. This site is a labor of love purposed toward providing the evidence — in the form of hundreds of personal, firsthand accounts — that supports a most extraordinary communication, and a most extraordinary opportunity for a world and a time that could certainly use one: Adi Da's Revelation and Offering of Perfect and Eternal Happiness.

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