Upasani Baba's Prophecy

This excerpt was taken from Chapter 18 ("The Divine World-Teacher"), The Promised God-Man Is Here, by Carolyn Lee (1998 edition).

In February 1939, about six months before the outbreak of World War II, Upasani Baba received an important visitor to his ashram. He was the Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math. The Shankaracharya was expressing his dismay at the chaotic state of religion in India and in the world altogether. He saw only one solution to this sorry state of affairs — a great Divine intervention, in the form of an Avatar. Only such an event, he felt, could re-establish true Spiritual life.

Upasani Baba
Upasani Baba

According to the account, Upasani Baba listened sympathetically. He was a man of few words and unpredictable ways. Suddenly, he burst out with a completely unexpected utterance. Such an Incarnation, he said, would soon be born in a Western country. “He will be all-powerful,” Upasani Baba declared, “and bear down everything before him. And he will see to it that Vedic Dharma is firmly reestablished in India.”

To prophesy the coming of an Avatar was extraordinary enough. To foresee That One as a Westerner was iconoclastic. Upasani Baba was foretelling a World-Teacher, One capable of Mastering both East and West. The notion that such a One would be a Westerner was, from the traditional Hindu point of view, incomprehensible. Nevertheless, around the time of this prophecy, Avatar Adi Da’s physical vehicle was conceived on Long Island, New York, by his parents Frank and Dorothy Jones.

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