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*Adi Da uses the phrase, "Open Eyes", for the Realization of the seventh stage of life, or Most Perfect Divine Enlightenment. The phrase graphically describes the non-exclusive, non-inward, Prior State of the Divine Self-Realizer, Who is Identified Non-conditionally with the Divine Self-Reality, while also allowing whatever arises to appear in the Divine Consciousness.

Eternal Blessing Transmission
Volume 23/3: Eternal Blessing Transmission
Adi Da: I have Already Connected with every one.
I Am Already Coincident with every one. . .
I Am Doing the Same Work now That I Will Do forever—even when I am no longer physically Embodied here.
My Work Is at the “Root”—not at the periphery.
Volume 23/2: Growing To Beyond
Adi Da: "I want to transform people's participation in. . . Reality (Itself, and altogether) -- and help bring them to a new way of life, out of the 'dark' period in which humankind is presently immersed."
Adi Da Samraj in New Zealand
Volume 23/1: Adi Da Samraj in New Zealand
This issue commemorates the 30th anniversary of Avatar Adi Da Samraj's only visit to New Zealand, from March 30 to April 7, 1988. In a most generous offering, Adi Da answered questions on two extended occasions that were open to "lay members" who were not yet formally practicing the Reality-Way of Adidam. See some of these talks on the DVD, The Fundamental Purpose of Existence.
Volume 22/4: The Avatar of What Is
Adi Da: "I want to transform people's participation in. . . Reality (Itself, and altogether) -- and help bring them to a new way of life, out of the 'dark' period in which humankind is presently immersed."
Volume 22/3: The One Source-Field
Adi Da: "Nothing is ever destroyed. Appearances pass through forms of transformation, but the Source-Condition — Which Is The Case for all appearances to begin with — Persists."
Volume 22/2: No Search Is Necessary
Adi Da: "You cannot achieve union with something or someone you are separating yourself from. And, if the act of separation is dropped, there is no separation— only the unlimited awareness of Non-separateness, inherently. This is the disposition in which to live."
Volume 22/1: The Awakening Sunlight
Adi Da: "When you become less concerned with your particular search, your inwardness, your adventure, then you have simply become more sensitive to your Real Condition. You have felt the sunlight falling on your sleeping eyes. When your eyes have opened in the morning light, everything will be obvious to you—and you will know that you have never slept, that you have never dreamed, that you have never been limited to any thing that has appeared."
Volume 21/4: Wherever Your Attention Goes Is Your Destiny
Adi Da: "Notice anything you enjoy — anything whatsoever. Initially, you enjoy it. Then, over time, repeating the enjoyment, trying to get the pleasure out of it, the pleasure becomes greatly reduced. What you are left with is the pattern reinforcing itself, demanding repetition. . . "
Volume 21/3: A Divine Place, Beyond East and West
Adi Da: "Naitauba is not just a piece of land. It is a Divine Place. This will be the Spiritual Vortex on Earth. There is nothing on Earth comparable to this Place of Spirituality."
Volume 21/2: Be the Open Hand
Adi Da: "Love is the action in which ego and all its reactions are dissolved, since all such things are only contraction. . . When Love is altogether True, when Its Radiance Shines so hard it opens up the hand, then there is Only Real God — and Real God Is Love."
Volume 20/4: Restore the Green Domain
A raw, dominantly green diet is not simply good for your health. That raw, green diet is lawful. To adhere to the raw, dominantly green diet is right life in the greatest sense of lawful participation in the Earth-world and the universe.
Volume 20/3: Be released of everything
The Way in My Company is to Find Real God from the beginning and let the entire process manifest on that basis.
Be resolved in Real God.
Be released in Real God.
Be changed by the Power of Real God.
Volume 20/2: Remember the One in Whom you are arising — until you are only Joy
There is Truth — but you have to deal with death. If it does not touch death, then it has nothing to do with Truth. Truth has to deal with death now — because “now” is a potential moment of death. A consoling belief that requires death to be “some other time” is not good enough religion. Religion must apply in the moment, and it must deal with death, must be sufficient to be greater than death — far greater. It must be Light, rather than darkness — and it must be so now.
Volume 20/1: Conscious Light Is What Is
"Reality Itself,
or Truth Itself,
or Real (Acausal) God is not 'within' you.
Reality Itself,
or Truth Itself,
or Real (Acausal) God
Is Consciousness Itself,
Which Is Always Already The Case.
There is no 'you' about it."
Volume 19/4: Look for something Greater
"Who has seen the madness of this 'world'? Who is disenchanted enough with that madness to want to find a Spiritual Master? For whom is this 'world' so much of a dead-end that it cannot be accepted on its own terms, or for its own sake? Where is someone for whom there must be a greater Reality— someone who will be utterly devoted to finding It?"
Volume 19/3: I Am the Water Itself
"When Narcissus
looks into the water,
he sees himself.

When I am recognized,
the Water Itself
Is Found."
Volume 19/2: Your Heart Is What I Speak To
"Always, spontaneously, the Heart moves into relationship. It Moves through the structures of conscious awareness. It Flows through. It Breaks Down the obstructions. The Heart Itself Is Always Already Love-Bliss-Full and Happy."
Volume 19/1: The Dog In My House
"I also Teach the walls, the trees, the dogs. It is not that I Give a verbal Teaching to them. My Communication to them is non-verbal. Because It Is Reality Itself, My Divine Avataric Teaching- Revelation and My Divine Avataric Transcendental Spiritual Self-Transmission are usable and Realizable by all beings, and even by every 'thing'. . . The dog in My House can do it. So can you."

  • Volume 18/4: I Am Eternally Present
    "I will be here forever, every 'where' forever—absolutely. I cannot leave. The Divine Domain is not some 'where' to go to. The Divine Domain Is Eternal I Am Eternal, Merely Present. Transcend yourself in place, in My Perpetual Company, Most Intimate with you."

  • Volume 18/3: Are You The One Who Is Living You Now?
    "What is your conclusion about Reality, your actual present-time presumption about Reality? Do you presume Reality Is Divine—or not? This question is important, because your conclusion about Reality is operative in every dimension of your life."

  • Volume 18/2: There Is Only Consciousness Itself
    "The Inherent Nature (or Self- Evident Condition) of existence—and, therefore, of all human beings—Is Consciousness Itself."

  • Volume 18/1: The Lesson of Life
    "Wisdom begins when one is made truly serious by this Lesson of life: The achievement of Happiness is always minimal, temporary, and ultimately unattainable. You cannot become Happy. You can only be Happy."

  • Volume 17/4: The Root of Healing
    "The Process Of “Radical” Healing Always Involves Three Phases—First, The Purification Of Toxicity, Then The Re-Balancing Of the body-mind-complex (and The Restoration Of psycho-physical Equanimity), and, Finally, The Regeneration Of nerve-force (or Natural Life-Energy) and vital chemistry."

  • Volume 17/3: Dissolve in My Current of Love-Bliss
    "Commune with Me in whole-bodily-recognition-responsive Ecstasy. Turn to Me whole bodily— Beyond all 'experience' and every thought. Let Me “Live” you. Dissolve in My Divine Transcendental Spiritual Current of Love-Bliss."

  • Volume 17/2: Everything Transmits
    "Everything transmits. The stones transmit, the sky transmits, the TV transmits. Since everything and everyone transmits states of existence – since life itself, or existence itself, is participation in transmissions of all kinds – the best thing you can do is to associate with the greatest possible Transmission. Since everything is transmission, spend time in the Company of the One Who spontaneously Transmits That Which Is Inherently Perfect and Ultimate. This is the Great Rule, the Great Law, the Ultimate Principle of the Great Tradition of humankind."

  • Volume 17/1: Why Are Spiritual Masters Necessary?
    "The Spiritual Master is a Transparent Reminder of the Divine Reality, a Guide to the ecstatic Realization of the One Reality in Which all conditions arise and change and pass away. The Spiritual Master is not to be made into the merely 'objectified' idol of a cult, as if the Divine Being were exclusively contained in the 'objective' person and 'subjective' beliefs of a particular sect. Rather, right relationship to the Spiritual Master takes the form of free devotional response to the Spiritual Master’s Radiant State."

  • Volume 16/3: Real God Is Not a Parent Figure
    "It is simply not true to the facts of existence altogether that there is a Great Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent Being making everything happen—in charge of everything happening, and making things turn out well for those who acknowledge That One and obey certain moral principles. It is simply not so. It is not true that there is such a Parental Deity controlling history, controlling even all events, and working out a great 'success-plan' for humanity."

  • Volume 16/2: The Secrets of How To Change
    "True and sustainable change and positive, mature human adaptation are not made on the basis of any 'self'-conscious reaction-resistance to old, degenerative, and immature habits. True and positive change is not a matter of not doing something. True and positive change is always a matter of doing something else— something that is inherently right, free, pure and purifying, balanced and re-balancing, truly regenerative, and (altogether) a matter of functional equanimity."

  • Volume 16/1: Understanding
    "Through the movement that is desire, people are constantly seeking to create a connection, a flow of life-force, between the self-contracted identity and everything from which it has differentiated itself. The usual philosophy, religion, Yoga, Spirituality—all your strategies (even your simple psychological strategies, your lifestyles) have this same basic form, this same basic purpose. They are all attempts to restore the flow of life-energy between this contracted, separated one and everything from which it is differentiating itself. Thus, all ordinary activity is founded in this dilemma, this self-created contraction."

  • Volume 15/4: Be Drawn into Happiness
    "Conditions or 'experiences' themselves do not determine (or 'define') you. The Divine does. If you live in the Divine, any event, any apparent condition, ceases to condition your quality and your humor and make it something less. So one who has become Free in the Divine is Truly Free. Such a one no longer has concerns about whether he or she will appear or not appear, in what shape he or she will appear, or anything like that. Such a one is Happy, and the Divine is Sufficient for that individual. That is the Condition to be in."

  • Volume 15/3: True Humor
    "Throughout my life, I have been moved to Communicate (or to Reveal, to Transmit, and to Awaken) the fundamental Source and Substance and Condition of True Humor to others. . . True Humor has only one living Form (and one ultimately, or inherently perfect, Form), Which is Real God, Perfect Truth, or Reality Itself."

  • Volume 15/2: The True Condition of Existence
    "The heart has a question. The heart must be Satisfied. Without that Satisfaction – Which is necessarily Spiritual in nature – there is no Real Happiness."

  • Volume 15/1: Love Is the Practice
    "Love is the principle of functioning. It is the principle of relationship. Love is what is to be realized and expressed. You must overcome all limits upon it. Spiritual life is many things, but at the level of human relations, its essence is love."


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